Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dorothy the Dinosaur Cupcake Tower

My beautiful niece turned 1 last week and this was thr cake I created for her. She loves The Wiggles especially Dorothy the Dinosaur.

I hand modelled the decorations and I was particularly happy with Dorothy, although I did forget her tail...oops!

I did two versions of the cupcake decorations but I have yet to get the pics of the other version (large cupcakes with rose toppers in pink, yellow and red)


mommy j said...

Hi! How do you get that final height for your round cake? Do you bake only 1 tall cake or make 2 shorter cakes and stack?

I have the same pan (but only 1), but i'm wasting time baking in two lots just to achieve the height I want.

hope you can help!

Michelle said...

Hello! I discovered your blog while looking for ideas for my daughter's fairy cupcakes. You are amazing!!!!!!!!! Wow -- such an inspiration. I want to run out and buy all the supplies and start making fancy cupcakes now!! =]

Best of luck with returning to your job!

mommy j said...


Is your name klaire?

Son's birthday is coming up, so I'd like to know how much do you charge for the cupcakes and the mini cake (on top of tier)? Are you in Sydney, so do the cakes get picked up?
What about the cakes stands?

hope to hear from you!

The Little Cupcakery said...

mommyj, I bake two 6" round cake and ganache it before covering with fondant. It is worth buying two tins to save time.

Also, due to new work/home adjustments I am limiting my baking projects and so unfortunately I am fully booked till end of the year. I hope you can understand. Thank you for your enquiry.

Michelle, I am glad you enjoy my creations, it is certainly lots of fun. I hope you visit again soon.

scottandleesa said...

Hi, your cake is AMAZING. I have the most precious little girl turning 2, and this is the cake I want for her. If you don't make & sell the dorothy heads for the cupcake toppers is there any chance of a how-to tutorial or anything? I'm in the Hunter Valley in NSW and I would LOVE your help if its possible and i'm happy to pay. My email is Kind regards, Leesa

lisashaw said...

Hi, just wondering if you are in sydey and how much for the dorothy the dinosaur cupcake tower?
Ph: 00430998