Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jessica and Todd Wedding Cupcake Tower

A family friend of mine asked me a few months ago to create a cupcake tower for their wedding. The proposal was done at the races and even made it in the 6 o'clock news! So it was fitting to also have their wedding reception at the races. The bride and groom continued the 'races' theme on their cutting cake, choosing to have fondant bride and groom horses to sit on top. 

I made 200 cupcakes in total. Half in white choc mud and half in dark choc mud.

This was my first wedding cupcake tower and with it came a lot of hard work and also drama but I did learn a LOT from the experience.



mommy j said...

Lovely cake, as usual!

May I know how do you transport all those 200 cupcakes? did you put them in white boxes with the cupcake inserts?

The Little Cupcakery said...

I transported them in a box that fit 24 cupcakes with inserts. Can be purchased on line at The Packaging Place.

mommy j said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been looking around for some time now, and I'll go check it out!

If you don't mind then may I know where you're originally from?


The Little Cupcakery said...