Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stolen Pictures

I have finally become victim to this after 2 years of posting my pictures on the web. It is apparently a very common thing and there really is no way of controlling the situation. My flickr contacts were kind enough to notify me of my stolen pics and my pics were of the website by the evening after a very firm email sent to the culprit from my furious husband.

The website is based in Singapore. I had a quick look and almost all of her picture, including her gallery are all stolen! I cant believe they can pass them off as their own. I just wonder what the cupcakes look like that they end up giving to their customers. I am sure it doesnt look like the pictures they have stolen.

All I can say is the Flickr network is very HUGE and if anyone tries to take pictures off our photostreams and claim it as their own - they will be caught!