Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to make Ben 10 Omnitrix watch

I have received may messages asking how to make Ben 10's Omnitrix watch so in response to all the emails I have created this 'How to' post.

1. Materials:

- Fondant (Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Green)
- Rolling pin
- 3 different round cutters (I used two cutters from my favourite cutter set and also the base of an icing tip)

2. Using the cutters, cut out:

- 1 Large Grey circle
- 1 Medium Black circle
- 1 Small Light Grey circle
- 1 Small Green cirlcle

3. Place Black circle on top of large Grey circle, glue together with some water. Then using the corner of a rectangular cutter cut out the sides of the green and light grey circles.
Use the off-cuts of the grey circle and place on the sides of the green circle to complete the circle shape again. Glue this on top of the black circle with water.

4. Using the green off-cuts, use the tip of a small round Icing nozzle and cut-out very small circles. Place this circle around the Omnitrix watch face. (Alternatively, you can just roll small fondant balls)

5. Roll thin lengths of black fondant and place along the face of the Omnitrix watch where the green and light grey fondant meet.

Place complete Omnitrix fondant watch on top of a cupcake.


Ben 10 Omnitrix Cake 'n' Cupcakes

This tower was created for my son's friend at day care, Ethan. He was turning 4 and his chosen theme was Ben 10. So for the cake I re-created one of my most visited post and flickr picture...the omnitrix watch cupcakes.

The cake is vanilla and the frosting is buttercream.

The only thing missing on the top cake is a Ben 10 figurine which was supplied by Ethan's mum.

The omnitrix watch was created using shapes from my favourite cutter set.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flower Dessert Table

In this dessert table the two-tiered cake and flower pop cupcakes too centre stage. It was surrounded by marshmallows, fruit chews, wafer sticks and kit kat wrapped in coordinated paper. Obviously the theme of this dessert table was pink, yellow and green.

Each child had a personalised chinese noodle box to fill as their treat bag.

I enjoyed creating this and loved it more watching it get demolished by the party guests!

Dinosaur Dessert Table

This is the complete spread for my son's 4th birthday party.

Dinosaur cupcake tower, assortment of chocolates, gummi lollies and cake pops.

Each child had their own personalised chinese noodle box to fill as their treat bag.

So much fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flower Pop Cupcakes

So here is the final cake creation for my kids birthday. This cake and cupcake combination is for my daughter's 1st birthday.

I decided to make a two tiered round cake and this is complimented by 24 cupcakes with fondant flowers on a stick. I call this my Flower Pop Cupcakes!

The cake is white chocolate mud cake covered in fondant and the flower pop cupcakes are vanilla chiffon cake and iced with marshmallow icing. I love the way the colours turned out.

This is the centrepiece of a girly dessert table for the party.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Cupcakeathon Part 2

As promised here is my son's third birthday cake! This is my first attempt at a dinosaur cake. I aimed at creating a Triceratops first but then that quickly failed so I morphed it into a Brontesaurus.

I carved dinosaur out of foam and covered it in fondant. Don't look too closely as there are many imperfections.

This is going to be the centrepiece of a dessert table.

Did I mention I am also creating my daughter's 1st birthday cake at the same time. I have combined their birthday party this year as they are only 3 weeks apart. Crazy me! Exhausted!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Cupcakeathon!

So I promised my son 3 different cakes for his birthday. Why did I do that? Not so sure. But anyway I created cupcakes for his actual birthday, for his day care celebration and for his birthday party. So far I've done 2 out of the 3 creations.

The first Heatblast cupcakes. Jaxon likes to look at my cupcake creation on the computer and he saw my previous Heatblast cupcakes and asked if I can make it for his I said 'of course!'

The second request is Lego cupcakes. I created a Lego block cake for his cousin last month and he liked it so he also wanted the same Lego theme for his I said 'of course!' These cupcakes will be for his day care friends.

The last cake will be for his party this coming weekend so stay tuned.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kristina's Baby Shower

Congratulations to my friend Kristina on her pregnancy. She asked me to create her baby shower cupcakes and decoration design was inspired by her invitation.

The cupcakes are chocolate mud and the icing is vanilla buttercream.