Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to make Ben 10 Omnitrix watch

I have received may messages asking how to make Ben 10's Omnitrix watch so in response to all the emails I have created this 'How to' post.

1. Materials:

- Fondant (Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Green)
- Rolling pin
- 3 different round cutters (I used two cutters from my favourite cutter set and also the base of an icing tip)

2. Using the cutters, cut out:

- 1 Large Grey circle
- 1 Medium Black circle
- 1 Small Light Grey circle
- 1 Small Green cirlcle

3. Place Black circle on top of large Grey circle, glue together with some water. Then using the corner of a rectangular cutter cut out the sides of the green and light grey circles.
Use the off-cuts of the grey circle and place on the sides of the green circle to complete the circle shape again. Glue this on top of the black circle with water.

4. Using the green off-cuts, use the tip of a small round Icing nozzle and cut-out very small circles. Place this circle around the Omnitrix watch face. (Alternatively, you can just roll small fondant balls)

5. Roll thin lengths of black fondant and place along the face of the Omnitrix watch where the green and light grey fondant meet.

Place complete Omnitrix fondant watch on top of a cupcake.


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