Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dinosaur Birthday!

Created for my son's friend at day care. Design taken from the invite. I enlarged the invite 4 times on a photocopier then cut them out and used the cut-out to shape the fondant into dinosaurs.

Cake is white chocolate mud cake.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Manika Cakes by The Little Cupcakery

I am very proud to introduce the project that I have been working on the past few weeks. I was inspired by the talented creators of cute custom dolls online creating adorable dolls for adorable little people. I also love to sew but don't actually own a sewing machine but I can bake and decorate cakes. So after a lot of drafting ideas I came up with Manika Cakes by The Little Cupcakery  ('manika' means 'doll' in my native language)

These adorable cakes are perfect for a little girl's birthday, christenings and baby showers.

Manika cakes are made from moist chocolate mud cake iced in decadent chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.

Cupcakes are a perfect accompaniment to Manika Cakes especially when displayed on a tiered cake stand.

Manika Cakes can be custom made to match your little girls features from hair colour to freckles on the face.

This creation was for my niece's christening over the weekend. It was very heartbreaking when time came to cut the cake as it was too cute to demolish.

(For those wanting to use my Manika Cakes as inspiration for their own cakes please credit The Little Cupcakery as the original designer and creator....Thank you)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Superheroes Birthday!

My godson turned 6 this week and he wanted a superhero themed birthday cupcakes. I created Batman, Spiderman and Captain America cupcake decoration on a lolly stick. I used the lolly stick for my daughters birthday party for her 'flowerpop' decoration and I love the effect so much I used it for these cupcakes too.

Dora the Explorer Cake

This cake creation was created for a friend's daughter. I had great difficulty with the humid Sydney weather that week and the icing just did not set well and so the fondant looked quite droopy on the cake. I really need air-conditioning in summer. Oh well on the brighter side Dora looked great!

I originally planned to created a two dimensional Dora face on the top of the cake but after my struggle with the icing I decided to create a 3D Dora instead hoping it will take the attention away from the cake sides.

Dora's backpack was also fun to make. To accompany the cake I also created chocolate cupcakes.